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HoneyView is also one of the best Photo Viewer for Windows 10. Faster than the default Photo app, it provides similar functionality of viewing images, rotating them when needed and basic resizing. You can also bookmark images in HoneyView for future reference. Overall, it's similar to Windows Photos Viewer in many ways JPEGview is amongst the best photo viewer for Windows 10 and earlier versions. It is a free, open-source and has an extensive range of editing features. It has a variety of editing tools that appear on the bottom of the screen for an image FastStone Image Viewer is image viewer for Microsoft Windows. It supports numerous different image formats. This tool allows you to view photos in a variety of ways, like full screen, thumbnails, etc. Features: It provides a fast and user-friendly photo browser. FastStone offers quick access to EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) information

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There are many free and open-source photo viewers available in the market that can be used in place of the photo viewer that has been done away within Windows 10. This article features a few free and open source photo viewers for those who want to try out something different. ImageGlass. ImageGlass is simple, very lightweight and fast Best Photo Viewers for Windows 10 in 2020. It's true that the Windows 10 Photo Viewer that comes pre-installed on new Windows-based machines is, today, pretty comprehensive and packed full of features for generating video, adding animation, drawing and adding text alongside the standard ability to view images

Windows Photo Viewer isn't part of Windows 10, but if you upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you might still have it. To check, press and hold (or right-click) a photo in File Explorer, and select Open with.If Windows Photo Viewer isn't in the list, you cannot install it on Windows 10 QuickViewer is an ultra-fast image viewer for Microsoft Windows devices that has been designed from the ground up for speed. Image viewers are a dime a dozen on Windows; while there are plenty to choose from -- like the excellent FastPictureViewer, FastStone Image Viewer, HoneyView or XnView-- all differ when it comes to performance, supported formats, and functionality 123 Photo Viewer is definitely worth adding to the list of the best photo viewers for Windows 10. This is a fast and user-friendly program with many filters and effects for basic editing that can handle different image formats and make it easy to manage photos on your computer I like the Irfanview software. I have been using it atleast for the past 10 years or more. It is still the best IMHO. I have not seen something better than this utility (leaving out the heavyweight programs like photoshop, lightroom etc.) in this.

Choose Windows Photo Viewer and exit the Settings menu, and you're done -- photos will now open up in Windows Photo Viewer. Read more from TechRepublic: 20 pro tips to make Windows 10 work the way. 123 Photo Viewer is a very fast, very easy to use viewer that supports psd, dds, tga, webp and many other formats

If you have used any version of Windows, you might be knowing the Windows Photo Viewer app, which is one of the best apps for quickly viewing a photo.It also supports basic features like zooming of photo and play a slideshow and more. But with Windows 10, Microsoft has made a lot of changes One Photo Viewer is a simplistic and intuitive photo viewer. Free with no ads. Designed to be used as Windows 10 default photo viewer app. It has some basic features such as slideshow, color adjustment, crop, resize, rotate, copy/paste clipboard, and more. All accessible by right click menu or keyboard shortcuts. It is also touchscreen compatible If you upgrade a PC running Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10, Windows Photo Viewer will be available and you can set it as your default photo viewer if you want. However, if you perform a clean installation of Windows 10 —or buy a PC with Windows 10 already on it—you can't access Photo Viewer at all

I have a brand new windows 10 computer. One of my programs wants to to know how to handle/display jpg's. Everyone suggests to me that MS Photo Viewer program included free with windows 10 is the way to go. I am not even sure what I was using in Windows 7. So when my program asks how I want to handle JPG's I browse to Apowersoft Photo Viewer is another best Windows Phone viewer on the list which can open almost all image file format like HEIC, JPG, PNG, BMP, PDF, etc. It's actually more than a Photo viewer tool because it also provides users lots of photo editing options. So, Apowersoft Photo Viewer is another best Windows 10 Photo viewer that you can use today Picasa is the one for best and effective photo viewer and editor for windows 10 in 2020. It the right choice for those, who wants classy and additional features to view an edit their images effectively. Picasa is the best option to automatically recognise, detect and arrange the images stored in the computer on in online drive FastStone Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer is another best photo viewer for Windows 10, which comes with full-screen mode and multiple language support. It has a slideshow option with many attractive transition effects. The photo viewer supports a multi-monitor configuration, which is useful if you need to process a large number of images List of Best Photo or Image Viewer for Windows 10: 1. Microsoft Photos. Features: 2. Google Photos. Features: 3. XnView. Features: 4. HoneyView. Features: 5. 123 Photo Viewer. Features: 6. FastStone Image Viewer. Features

This is where the best photo viewer for Windows 10 comes in. Taking a quick search through Windows 10's built-in utilities will bring you to the generic photo viewer app. It has a few useful features, including the basic photo editor. However, most people will agree that this photo viewer simply isn't enough Looking for the fastest image viewer for windows 10. Close. 15. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Looking for the fastest image viewer for windows 10. Its the best photo viewer app from windows, even if its discontinued. Nowadays it is even difficult to find the link to download it. But I highly recommend it FastStone Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer is all-in-one software that provides image browser, editor and converter functionalities for Windows. It is free and open source software. Again, it offers all the basic functionalities like support for different image formats, resizing, rotating and cropping Download Photo Viewer For Win 10 for Windows to a freeware that focus on enhancing your overall photo viewing experienc FastStone MaxView 3.3 Shareware (Last Update: 2019-04-05) A fast, compact and innovative image viewer that supports all major graphic formats. Its intuitive layout lets you view images in a variety of ways

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Photo Viewer For Windows 10. IrfanView; XnView; 123 Photo Viewer; Google Photos; Apowersoft Photo Viewer; Honeyview; FastStone Image Viewer; Movavi Photo Manager; 1. IrfanView. Absolutely lightweight, fast to process and compact in size, this photo viewing app is great to enjoy all the images If you are using Windows computers for a long time then you are definitely familiar with a very popular image viewer application known as the Windows Photo Viewer.. Most of the people used and loved it from the Windows 7 to the early stages of the Windows 10 operating system until Microsoft decided to push their latest inbuilt photos app across all platforms

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IrfanView. IrfanView is the best application for viewing photos on Windows PCs, hands down. You are absolutely going to love this app if you are coming from the default Windows 10 Photos app. Unlike the Windows Photo Viewer, it's extremely snappy and loads images in no time Restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 | Tutorials. My Computers Soapm. Posts : 260. Win10 . Thread Starter New 08 Mar 2019 #7. Bree said: You can't get more basic than the old Windows Photo Viewer that's been around since XP/W7 and is still in W10 (but well hidden). I actually prefer it to the Photos app because it is much faster to open.. Microsoft Releases Free RAW Image Viewer Extension for Windows 10. Jul 12, 2019. make sure you have the May 2019 version of Windows 10 Lunar Probe Captures 119 Megapixel Pano Photo of the.

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  1. Windows Photo Viewer is a fast image viewer built-in tool in Windows. Windows Photo Applications has replaced Windows Photo Viewer, the difference between the two is exactly the same as Paint and Paint 3D, although there is no harm or problem in the new photos application, Windows Photo Viewer has made quite a lot of users in the past years
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  4. Use Windows 7 Photo Viewer in Windows 10 - Step 3 5. Now the easiest way to set Windows 7 Photo Viewer as the default opening an app for your Windows 10 is to right-click on the image you have, for example, the extension .jpg , .jpeg , .png , .tiff image files with other extensions
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  6. What is the fastest picture viewer? Solved. .reg filing Windows Photo Viewer is one of the first things I do after a fresh install. level 1. 7 points · 1 year ago. The only things that I want is that it has a dark background at that arrows that I could click to go forwards and backwards

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  1. Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 Windows Photo Viewer. Windows Photo Viewer is the best photo app and has been a part of the Windows family since Windows XP. It was known as Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and later renamed to Windows Photo Viewer. After the arrival of Windows 10, Microsoft universally replaced it with its updated platform.
  2. Follow below steps to update the Photo Viewer: 1. Click on Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. 2. Select the Check for updates option. 3. Check the little box next to the Photo Viewer icon and then click the Install Updates icon at the bottom of the page. 4
  3. These Duplicate Photo Finder For Windows 10, comes with considerable features and tools that can help you sort your images and manage your photo gallery with utmost efficacy

The Classic Windows Photo viewer has been changed to the new Photos Viewer app which is introduced in the Windows 10 but it seems to be sluggish at times, usually when it is needed the most. Yes, the new Windows 10 Photos Viewer app has more features than the classic Windows Photo viewer but its sluggishness recalls the absence of the classic Windows Photo viewer app's nimbleness The default image viewer of Windows 8 and Windows 10 can open NEF files. So, you can view Nikon raw file images with double click in Windows, but the viewer does not include extra features. This list of NEF photo viewer includes NEF viewers with many other extra features to let you view images with some editing tools as well The problem comes when you install the Windows 10 from ISO or when you buy a new PC with Windows 10 in it, then you don't get the photo viewer in Windows 10 on your PC. The photo viewer is a good application that lets you make multiple changes in the images and has a lot of good features compared to the default photo viewer app for Windows 10 Windows 10 Photo Viewer is a built-in image viewer program in Windows 10 operating system. It comes preinstalled in Windows 10. However, many Windows 10 users complain that it takes too much time in opening images/photos. How to view and edit photos/images quickly with the built-in Photo Viewer on Windows 10

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from image viewer software without restrictions. Windows Photo Gallery 2011 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows 10 PCs but also without a hitch on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Enabling Windows Photo Viewer in the Registry. To enable Windows Photo Viewer, its registry entries need to be added. We have created a registry entry which does this. Click the link below to download it. Activate Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10. Once you've downloaded the registry entry simply double click it and run it Restore Windows Photo Viewer to Windows 10 is a program whose function does not disappoint. This software bundle lets users restore the Windows Photo Viewer tool on their Windows 10 operating systems. Since many complained about the new Photo app, this program became quite popular quickly Windows Photo Viewer only supports static gif. Must haves: Lightweight; Loads fast. Avoids fancy . Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers Windows Photo Viewer offers a better UI, allowing you to get everything at the bottom of the screen. It speeds up access, whereas Windows 10 Photos UI at times hidden. Unless you move the mouse around the entire screen for switching between photos

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10. Windows Photo Viewer. Considered as one of the best photo viewers for Windows XP back in the day, the classic Windows Photo Viewer deserves to be in this list because of its long life usage by many people and remaining simple throughout the passage of time. This software comes in-built with Windows and is the simplest and most easy-to-use. Windows 10 and Windows 7 both come with their own default image viewer software, however, if you are not satisfied, here are some best photo viewer software to replace them.. The main sole purpose of a photo viewer software is to show an image preview when a user clicks on it. But using the same software every time isn't a kind of monotonous thing There is no way to set Windows Photo Viewer as the default to open image files since it is missing from the list in Settings->System->Defaults apps. The classic Control Panel also allows only TIFF files to be associated with Photo Viewer. Here is how to fix this restriction and get Windows Photo Viewer working again in Windows 10 RTM By now, most of the Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users will have upgraded from that to the Windows 10 version. If you are one of those people then it's possible that you may or may not have the Windows Photo Viewer application for Windows 10 version Windows 10 comes with an inbuilt photo viewer app called Photos and good old traditional Windows Photo Viewer is still available (albeit hidden and has to be enabled) to view photos store on your pc. It is always set as the default application to open all type of images

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I know you all love the ease and the looks of the original Photo Viewer which is not the default in Windows 10. It is super easy to use Photo Viewer, and quick. However, in Windows 10; this is not the case. What actually happens is when you try and open a photo it asks you to choose an option from the Photos metro app, Paint, or GIMP Although Windows Photo Viewer exists in the new Windows 10 OS, it can only support images in .tiff and .tif format. That's the reason why your Windows Photo Viewer won't appear in the Open with menu when you want to open images in .jpeg or .png format Typical features of photo viewers include basic viewing operations such as zooming and rotation, Fullscreen display, slideshow, thumbnail display, printing, screen capture, and so on. Our list of best photo viewer for Windows 10 features some photo viewer alternatives, ranging from premium-like applications to the simple but robust ones

The Windows Photo Viewer was the official image tool for Windows operating system until Windows 8.1. From Windows 10 onwards, Microsoft has pushed on the Photos application to become the default image application for Windows. Even if you wished to open images using the Windows Photo Viewer application, it will not be possible as Microsoft has not included the registry keys for the Windows. By the way, if you want to get back the old Windows Photo Viewer, check this. Also Read: 19 Best Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Photo browsing or viewing should be an effortless task

The interface of the default Photos photo viewer on Windows 10. But Windows Photo Viewer Microsoft seemed to be retired when you find it in the Control Panel also found it supports only open two image formats are * .tif and * .tiff. With Activate Windows Photo Viewer you will easily find the Windows Photo Viewer in the familiar Windows. Being rather efficient, Apowersoft is considered to be not only the best photo viewer for Windows but a universal image editing tool. You can perform basic photo editing, add text to your images, use a drawing tool and apply various filters. Also, the program features a useful screenshot tool 123 Photo Viewer. 123 Photo Viewer was also created for Windows 10 and also boasts an elegant interface with a modest set of functions. After starting 123 Photo Viewer, you must show the folders from which the photo should be displayed. The program has no problems with popular image files and RAW files from digital cameras FastStone Image Viewer can be used to take screenshots in window, rectangle, full-screen, freehand, and foreground modes. Like most programs in this category, FastStone Image Viewer can be downloaded and installed as a zip file or executable (.exe) file. There's even a portable version of the program, which can be carried in a USB stick

ImageGlass. Well, ImageGlass is one of the best free image viewer tool available for the Windows 10 operating system. The great thing about ImageGlass is that it supports over 70 different image file formats, including the WebP. The photo viewer is fast, and it also has a few photo editing features Top 10 Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives. Windows Photo Viewer alternatives listed below are useful for photographers and designers who are looking for convenient programs for viewing, organizing and editing images. Choose a simple software for viewing or a program with additional options in accordance with your needs Since the default Photo app in Windows 10 is basically annoying and useless for me, I was searching for another alternative. With a photo viewer, I just wanted to view the image, and be able to zoom it via mouse scroll, which was there in Windows Photo Viewer (which Windows 10 has done away with) FastPictureViewer is a RAW photo viewer for the Windows platform and supports both the 32 and 64 bit systems. It is also Windows 10 compatible while still supporting the other systems from XP. The software also enjoys a built-in multi-language support and thus increasing the number of users. Sony Creative-RAW Viewer for Ma Opening Windows Photo Viewer and Setting it as Default The next time you wish to open any image with the photo viewer, right-click on it and choose the option Open With—> Other Programs. On the box..

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Hi, The Photo app in Windows 10 isn't color-managed. And the old Windows Photo Viewer is low resolution. Is there a simple photo viewer (I don't want or need any processing capability in the app, since I have Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC), that will allow me to browse through a folder with .jpg, RAW and .tif files, and see them in the correct color/saturation Fastest & lightest web browser for Windows 10 The most customizable Internet Browser, Vivaldi allows you to transform the size and appearance of its UI elements completely. Enjoy custom shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures & bookmark manager. Offers built-in Notes feature to save your ideas, username, passwords, etc While it is possible to restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10, there are several reasons to look for a replacement.. Windows Photo Viewer can be removed by Microsoft any day with a new update to Windows 10. Also, in Windows 10, Windows Photo Viewer requires Direct3D acceleration, which can cause performance issues on older hardware and make it unusable in a Virtual Machine like VirtualBox 바이러스 없는 Windows 전용 Photo Viewer For Win 10 1.0을 Uptodown에서 무료로 다운로드하세요. Windows 전용 Photo Viewer For Win 10 2019 최신 버전을 이용해보세요

With Windows 10, Microsoft has changed a great deal about the popular operating system compared to Windows 7 and 8. Not only are various classic adjustment options found in a different place, but many programs and services have also been replaced by new solutions.This includes the perennial standard app for opening and presenting images and photos, 'Windows Photo Viewer' Download olympus viewer 3 windows 10 for free. Photo & Graphics tools downloads - OLYMPUS Viewer 3 by OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. and many more programs are available for instant and free download

How to Restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 Usually you could use Windows Photo Viewer to view your image files in a variety of ways. You can also print, order prints, attach pictures to an e‑mail message, burn, or open photos in another app on your PC Windows 10 uses the new Photos app as your default image viewer, but it still includes Windows Photo Viewer — kind of. Microsoft has hidden Windows Photo Viewer on new Windows 10 systems. Upgrade a Windows 7 or 8.1 computer to Windows 10 and it'll have Windows Photo Viewer available as an option. On a [ Enable Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10. 1. Download and unzip: Activate Windows Photo Viewer-on-Windows-10. 2. Inside the archive, double-click the Activate Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10 file. 3. Click Yes to allow running in UAC and click Yes to allow entry in the registers. Registry Editor. 4. Click OK to confirm the change

Download JPEGView - Image Viewer and Editor for free. Lean and fast image viewer with minimal GUI. JPEGView is a lean, fast and highly configurable viewer/editor for JPEG, BMP, PNG, WEBP, TGA, GIF and TIFF images with a minimal GUI. Basic on-the-fly image processing is provided - allowing adjusting typical parameters as sharpness, color balance, rotation, perspective, contrast and local under. Windows XP has Picture and Fax Viewer, Vista has Photo Gallery, Windows 7 and 8 come with Windows Photo Viewer, and Windows 8 and 10 have the Photos app. While the default Windows picture viewers will show your images and would normally be enough for the average user, they are pretty basic and offer little in the way of compatibility. Download html viewer for windows 10 for free. Development Tools downloads - HTML-View by Anix Software and many more programs are available for instant and free download

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Windows 10 - Execute registry key for old Windows photo viewer If successful, a dialog box will tell you that the keys and values contained have been added. You can click OK and continue to the. Aplicația pentru Windows Photo Viewer a fost o parte din pachetul Windows NT de la începutul Windows 2003. Acesta are o interfata user-friendly, care îl face ușor de utilizat sau naviga. S-ar spune că a fost o trezire nepoliticos atunci când utilizatorii au descoperit nu au putut accesa aplicația telespectatorii foto Windows în Windows 10 Windows Photo Gallery, known as Windows Live Photo Gallery before, was an image organizer, photo editor and photo sharing app and a part of Microsoft's Windows Essential software suite. The program has no longer been supported or downloaded after January 10, 2017

Restore Windows Photo Viewer to Windows 10 - 100% Freeware! Download Now (1.26 MB) - Version 1.22. 100% Freeware. Free download, free for use. The classic Windows Photo Viewer although has not been dropped from Windows 10, it doesn't appear in Default Programs or Default apps in Settings when you perform a clean install of Windows 10, or after upgrading from a previous version of Windows A collection of image viewer software programs for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 along with software reviews and downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit titles

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With the introduction Windows 10, Microsoft revealed a new Photos App which was better than the existing photo viewers and did carry editing capabilities which were an addition. The photo app sure was great but I still liked the old Photo Viewer. Don't get me wrong here, the Photos App is great for viewing and [ I think you are right about it. But your link may help with me resolving the issues. I can see Windows 10 comes with the Photos app (not Photoviewer). Windows 2016 doesn't even have it. I need to see if I can extract the package and install the Photos app on a server and see if it will behave differently. Thanks for the suggestion. Cheers. Edmond Restore Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10 contains the updated registry files to set Windows Photo Viewer as the default image viewer. Download Restore Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10, and extract the four files. Double-click Restore the Windows Photo Viewer ALL USERS.reg or Restore the Windows Photo Viewer CURRENT USERS.regto restore the Restore Windows Photo Viewer Those of us who have used Windows Photo Viewer in earlier versions of Windows miss not having it in Windows 10. The new Photos store app from Microsoft is a replacement for Windows Photo Viewer. The app is pretty nice and gives you the ability to setup a slideshow, collection of photos, albums, and more, but it's more of a photo manager

Bagi kalian yang mendapatkan Windows 10 dengan cara upgrade dari Windows 7 atau 8, masalah ini tidak akan terjadi. Kalian dengan mudah bisa mengaktifkan kembali Windows Photo Viewer dengan cara di atas. Tapi jika Windows 10 didapat dengan fresh install, maka butuh sedikit trik untuk memodifikasi registry agar Windows Photo Viewer bisa diaktifkan Enable Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10. Thankfully, enabling Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 has been made easy with a simple registry hack. 1. To start off, download this zip file and once downloaded, open the zip file. Windows natively support the .zip extension so you don't need any third party applications. 2 Penyebab Windows Photo Viewer tidak muncul. Hal yang harus kamu ketahui, Windows Photo Viewer ini merupakan aplikasi bawaan yang sudah terpasang secara default pada Windows 7 dan 8.. Tapi kalau kamu upgrade dari Windows 7 atau 8 ke Windows 10, biasanya aplikasi ini akan tetap ada dan masih dapat digunakan.. Penyebab umumnya karena kamu melakukan install ulang pada Windows 10 dan mungkin ada. Microsoft Photos, the free photo viewer and editor included with Windows 10, gets a huge update with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.In addition to solid image editing and photo enhancements. Millions of PCs are now running on Windows 10 operating system. By now some of the users might have noticed that while trying to view photos using Windows photo viewer, a black screen will appear with the message The remote procedure call failed. If you are worried about this bug, then you can now relax as we have a solution to fix this bug

Picasa - WikipediaHow to Fix TeamViewer Trial Period Has Expired on WindowsApple Ceo Tim Cook Says Gg Micro$Oft by barcaborn - MemeMicrosoft updates its free Windows 8 Reader app, still

How to Enable Windows 10 Photo Viewer using Regedit. If your current photo viewer app doesn't open photos, you can solve your problem by following the steps below. The easiest method to activate Photo Viewer is to change the Regedit setting. Step 1. Click the button below to download Photo Viewer Regedit file directly to your computer Yes it is possible If you upgraded from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 Go to Setting > Default Apps > Photo viewer If you installed Windows 10 There is Following instruction to. Nu stiu din ce motiv, Microsoft nu a optat pentru a include cheile de registry care permit accesul la Windows Photo Viewer si in OS Windows 10. Aplicatia Windows Photo Viewer o regasim by default in OS cu Windows 7 sau 8.1, insa pentru utilizarea si in OS Windows 10 trebuie sa urmam urmatorii pasi. Backup. Nu necesita! Solutie Pasi de urma In my opinion, since older photo viewer was removed from Windows 10, it must be has its reason to do this job. According to my experience, the new Photo app is more simple, its feature is also powerful and easy to use. Wish you can have a good experience with Windows 10 feature evolution

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